ESG Focus

Edible Garden (NASDAQ:EDBL) created a better way to combine emerging technology with the wisdom of Mother Nature.

Our state-of-the-art farming practices ensure product quality that meets stringent food safety standards. Our GreenThumb™ proprietary automated software is heralded by the brand and its retail partners as the produce supply chain solution. The program is the answer to fulfilling orders on specification, on time and in full, with advanced traceability. Moreover, we use sustainable hydroponic future farming methods to provide customers with high-quality products, free of harmful pesticides, herbicides, residues, and contaminants. Our produce is grown in environmentally controlled indoor environments that provide a safe and secure supply chain with complete transparency & traceability.


Reducing Waste

Additionally, our next-generation innovations include patented self-watering displays that extend plant shelf life and cut waste. Recyclable herb bags with OTR technology are also featured, as well as sugarcane-based herb sleeves that are biodegradable—all of which help reduce our environmental impact. We are a leader in locally grown organic produce, herbs and greens backed by state-of-the-art sustainable and Zero-Waste Inspired® CEA hydroponic farms, using innovative technology to leverage our indoor grow platform to deliver high-margin, branded products to existing and new supermarket partners.

Walmart Project Gigaton

Edible Garden’s Ongoing Sustainability Efforts at Walmart

In 2017, Walmart created Project Gigaton™ to engage suppliers in climate action, along with NGOs and other stakeholders. Edible Garden (NASDAQ:EDBL) has joined their cause in their efforts to reduce or avoid one billion metric tons (a gigaton) of greenhouse gases from the global value chain by 2030.*

*Sourced from

Recycled Metric Tons of Mixed Recyclables

Saved Gallons of Gasoline

Barrels of Oil Conserved

Tons of Food Waste Avoided via Donation

Social Responsibility

The agricultural sector faces a number of environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges including climate change, responsible land use and biodiversity, water stewardship and pollution, energy consumption, health and safety of workers and child or forced labor in certain commodity supply chains. Our Zero-Waste Inspired® ESG/Sustainability mandate attempts to meet these challenges head-on, utilizing innovative technology, advanced greenhouse growing techniques and local supply chain prowess & people to drive yields, lessen waste and reduce costs. This allows Edible Garden to put theory into practice – better demand planning, bio-based packaging & shrink saving displays for a reduced carbon footprint.

Our ESG/sustainability approach has resonated extremely well with both retailers and consumers who care about the environmental impact of the food supply chain, which we expect will help us further expand our growing distribution channels and drive demand for our products.

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