We have developed patented software called GreenThumb that assists in tracking plants through our supply chain.

Utilizing our Edible Garden (NASDAQ:EDBL) GreenThumb software to track the status of our plants as they grow and move throughout the greenhouse allows us to add a layer of quality control due to the frequent monitoring of the growing process, leading to improved traceability. In this context, traceability means being able to track a plant through all stages of production and distribution. In addition to improving traceability, GreenThumb helps us better manage the day-to-day operations of our business.

GreenThumb is a web-based greenhouse management and demand planning system.


GreenThumb improves supply chain efficiency:

Integrates in real-time with the cloud to monitor sales

Generates reports by category, product, customer, and farm

Provides dynamic pallet mapping for packout

Aggregates greenhouse activity to provide real-time inventory and availability reports

Provides a route management system for coordinating delivery logistics

Manages online ordering system with user-controlled product availability based upon inventory

We also use our GreenThumb software to help monitor the quality of our products, and we have dedicated quality assurance and quality control personnel that check and monitor our products.

We have customer service personnel that answer any questions the consumers of our products may have, and we regularly ask for feedback from our customers on the quality of our products. The combination of the GreenThumb software, quality assurance and control processes (including compliance with food safety standards), and feedback from consumers and purchasers holds us accountable for maintaining the quality of our herbs and lettuce.

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