We are capitalizing on new ways to appeal to consumers’ desire for fresh, local, safe, and sustainable foods. The following are just some of the new technologies and innovations we are utilizing to reduce waste and shrinkage:


We have developed patented software called GreenThumb that assists in tracking plants through our supply chain. Utilizing Edible Garden’s (NASDAQ:EDBL) GreenThumb software to track the status of our plants as they grow and move throughout the greenhouse allows us to add a layer of quality control due to the frequent monitoring of the growing process, leading to improved traceability. In this context, traceability means being able to track a plant through all stages of production and distribution. In addition to improving traceability, GreenThumb helps us better manage the day-to-day operations of our business.

Micro-Perforated Herb Bags

We use herb bags that have micro-perforations that allow ethylene gas to escape from the product packaging, extending the shelf life of the product. For example, using our packaging technologies, cilantro maintains its quality for up to 11 days, or more than 50% longer than seven days with conventional packaging. In fact, this technology has led to a significant decline in product shrinkage among retailers.

Recyclable and Compostable Pot

Our hydro basil, packaged in a recyclable and compostable pot, increasingly available in major supermarket chains in the northeast, is a perfect example of our approach towards our goal of reducing plastic consumption.

Self-Watering Displays

Mobile, self-watering displays with a 1-year battery life, for retail locations allow Edible Garden products to stay on the shelves, fresher for longer.

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